Defining a Rugged Computer

So to avoid confusion, We created a rating system that relates standardised tests including tests defined in MIL-STD 810G, MIL-STD 461E, IEC 60529 and others – to levels of durability that make a product suited to a COMMERCIAL, INDUSTRIAL or MILITARY application.

Simply, the implication that ‘MIL-STD compliant’ means a product is suitable for military use ls MISLEADING.

What confuses buyers is that a vendor can claim to be ‘MIL-STD compliant’ even if their products meet the lowest level of even only one of these standards! Clearly, some of these standards are only designed to test a product for its durability with respect to conditions found In an office environment, NOT on a battlefield.

Meeting any of these standardised tests does NOT, however, mean that a product is rated for MILITARY applications. It just means it meets a certain durability level for that variable.

These tests we designed to assess how a product performs with regard to a range of variables, such as how well it resists impacts , or dust ingress, etc.

Other standards exist to test for issues as varied as daylight viewability of a computer screen, to the durability of hinges.

  • US Department of Defence MIL-STD 810G (this address a wide range of physical performance variables such as resistance to vibration, impacts, dust and moisture).
  • US Department of Defence MIL-STD 461F (which addresses electrical and emissions performance).
  • International Electrotechnical Committee IEC 60529 (addresses resistance to dust and moisture; equivalent to the US IP/Ingress Protection rating system).

Industry standards exist to guide buyers when assessing a product’s suitability for a particular application. The standards most often referred to within the industry include :

Within those classes, we then rate the level of ruggedisation, using categories familiar to portable computer buyers. In this way, we quantify levels of durability, rather than simply making a marketing statement that can be very hollow.

What Is Rugged?

  • The Industry Standards
  • Our Classification System
  • Defining Commercial and Industrial Rugged
  • Defining Military Rugged

More About The Standards

  • Shock and Vibration resistance training
  • Water and Dust resistance training
  • Temperature and Altitude durability testing
  • EMC & MIL-STD 461E compliance testing

Exceeding The Standards

  • Pioneering the differences
  • ‘Extreme Engineering’ vs ‘Extreme Make Over’
  • ‘Ruggedised’ vs ‘Rubberised’
  • The ‘Durability Challenge’

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