Defining a Rugged Computer

What is Rugged Computer

'Ruggedised' vs 'Rubberised'

Just as rubber corner protectors or a Magnesium Alloy chassis are only part of an overall design to deliver improved durability, so too buyers should understand that claims about meeting standards need to be weighed against a products track record in real life use.

From our custom manufactured motherboards (we don't use any mass produced boards), to the double-sealed ports (external plastic dust covers are simply not good enough, so ports go through an internal bulkhead for added dust and moisture protection), to the sealed keyboards on our notebook (that sit in a recess that is totally sealed from the inside of the chassis), Opentecs are NOT commercial devices with a few 'toughened' features, but are built from the ground up to be innately more durable.

To show off the engineering behind our products, we parked a 2.4 tonne 4WD on an unmodified RPC notebook at the Pacific 2008 Expo in Sydney in February 2008. For four days, the RPC ran continuously, without fault, despite the 650 kg load on its keyboard. 

Feeling a bit cheeky, we even invited another 'big name brand' supplier of 'toughened' computers to let us park our 2.4 tonne 4WD on one of their notebooks. Not surprisingly, they declined. This same supplier had slavishly copied our durability displays for three years in a row, but this year decided not to step into the ring with us.

The year prior at IDEX 2007 in Abu Dhabi, users were similarly amazed to see an Opentec in a simulated duststorm, where despite being covered in a torrent of very fine desert sand, the mousepad and touchscreen still worked, the LCD could still be easily seen, and the keypad didn't become clogged with grit and stop working. A competitor became rather disgruntled when we covered a keyboard (the 'water resistant' version they use) and showed how easily it was rendered unusable, dispelling their claims to have a 'rugged' product, despite advertising it as Mil-Std 810F and IP54 compliant, exactly as is ours.