Defining a Rugged Computer

What is Rugged Computer

'Extreme Engineering' vs 'Extreme Make Over'

As a 'city' 4WD/4x4 might be considered by some to be a true 'offroad' vehicle, many appreciate through experience that all offroad vehicles were not created equal. It's the same with rugged portable computers.

Pick up any product we sell that we rate as 'Military (Super) Rugged' versus one we rate as 'Rugged' or 'Vehicle/Semi-Rugged' or merely 'Toughened'. Immediately you'll understand the difference between what we classify as "toughened" (and sometimes, more correctly, "rubberised") office-grade products, and a truly "ruggedised" field-deployable, professional tool.

Indeed, the one thing that becomes very obvious is that our products are all engineered with major differences that set them apart from merely 'toughened' office/commercial grade products; that they are 'ruggedised' to suit specific roles, not 'rubberised' to look the part.

For example, not having a fan does not make a product rugged. Likewise, having a Magnesium Alloy chassis or a daylight readable LCD does not make a product rugged. Certainly, they could be considered more suitable for outdoor use, but a Magnesium Alloy chassis means little when a product is to be used in a very dusty environment and you can see the motherboard through any of the expansion ports!

A product rated as IP54 (suitable for outdoor use in wet conditions) means little if that product uses a capacitive mousepad, not a resistive one, meaning that when wet the mousepad will have trouble tracking your finger movements!

In fact, the closer you look, the more you realise how 'extremely well engineered' our products are. But don't take our word for it. Call us and arrange a test drive for yourself.