Defining a Rugged Computer

What is Rugged Computer

EMC & MIL-STD 461E compliance testing

Mil-Std 810F relates to physical performance. Mil-Std 461E, however, relates to electronic emission characteristics, and specifically the suitability of products for applications in general, combat and covert use. 

While all Opentec's products are sameple tested to - and exceed - the requirements of Mil-Std 461E 'Navy', we are the only Australian supplier to have had our products independently certified to the much more stringent Mil-Std 461E "Ground Army' ULTRA-low emissions requirements for 'Electronic Warfare" applications, where data security and immunity to interference and remote detection are critical issues.

BEWARE! Just as the Mil-Std 810F durability related test standards are not just one test that allows a vendor to claim to have a 'rugged' product, so too Mil-Std 461 has various tests relating to different levels of emissions. So are other vendors offering '461E Navy' or '461E Ground Army' compliance? THEY ARE NOT THE SAME!

If you are a defence customer seeking a product with optional, certified, 'Electronic Warfare' emission levels, you need to understand what you're being offered.

MIL-STD-461D Compliance

"This standard establishes interface and associated verification requirements for the control of the electromagnetic interference (emission and susceptibility) characteristics of electronic, electrical, and electro-mechanical equipment and subsystems designed or procured for use in activities and by agencies of the (US) Department of Defence. Such equipment and subsystems may be used independently, or as an integral part of other systems or subsystems."