About Opentec

Opentec is Australia's rugged computer specialist. We pioneered ruggedised portable computer technologies back in the 1990s and have been delivering market leading ruggedised computers and computer-based solutions ever since.


Opentec is a brand of Inventis Technology, which is an Australian electronics design and manufacturing company established in 1985 and based in Sydney.

We've helped Australian mountaineers in their assaults on Himalayan peaks, including Everest; helped yachtspeople circumnavigate the globe and stay in touch with it; helped pilots deliver more effective helicopter rescue services; helped soldiers keep the peace; helped hydrographers map coastlines; helped deliver disaster relief to tsunami stricken Pacific neighbours; and helped field-based professionals more effectively run their businesses..long before many vendors had even heard of a rugged portable computer, let alone made one!

More about Opentec

Opentec designs and assembles ruggedised notebook and tablet PCs, UMPCs (ultra-mobile PCs, or mini-tablet PCs) and PDAs. We also cuctomise these products, as well as create customised mounting systems, such as for motor vehicles and boats.

We also create integrated, portable computer-based systems, such as secure, embedded WiFi solutions, situational awareness solutions, and biometrics collection and verification solutions. We also resell a select range of computers and accessaries from leading manufacturers..